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Stroll through 142 years of Naval Shipyard history. We offer docent-led tours with advanced registration, subject to docent availability. St. Peter's Chapel is also available without reservations the second Sunday of every month. Also inquire for your group or bus: we can handle it all. See a Tour Overview or check out the stops below.

St. Peter's Chapel

The Admiral's Mansion

The USS Vallejo Submarine Sail Memorial

We’re now offering tours for groups and individuals.

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Stroll through 142 years of Naval Shipyard history.
We offer docent-led tours with advanced registration, subject to docent availability.


St Peter's Chapel Tours - 45 mins

Full Historic Walking Tour- 90 mins

Children under 13 are free

*All tours require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice*

(There will not be schedued tours on event days)
1st & 3rd Thursdays

2nd & 4th Thursdays

Every Saturday

2nd & 4th Sundays

Open Chapel - 2nd Sundays

Groups of 10 or more receive a 10% discount.
The discount will be automatically applied when you book your tour.

If the public tour hours don't work for you, or you would like a private, custom tour, we can arrange that for you.  Select "Private Tour" as the Tour Type, and complete the form.All private tours include a $15 booking fee in addition to the ticket fees.
We need at least 4 days advance notice to book your private tour.

Cancellation Policy
If your plans change and you need to cancel your tour, notify us by email 48 hours in advance for a full refund.

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Tour Overview

Tours can be just the Chapel, or can be enhanced to extend to a walk of the Island through Admiral’s and sail.

Option 1 - 45 Minutes

The Chapel Tour: $10

All versions of the tour begin at St. Peter’s Chapel. Begin by meeting your docent amidst the soaring eucalyptus trees of picturesque Chapel Park, and entering the historic doors of St. Peter’s Chapel, the oldest Navy Chapel in the nation (built 1901). Learn the about Farragut’s founding of the Island in 1854 and the Island’s incredible contribution to American history as you soak in the brilliance of the Chapel, including the stained glass collection, which includes 25 windows by the Tiffany Studios. This section of the tour is approximately 45 minutes. You can then end your tour, explore the Island on your own, or continue on with the Docent for the second (extended/walking) part of the tour.

Option 2 - 45 Minutes

The Historic Walking Tour: $10

This tour begins with an overview of the exterior of St. Peter's Chapel (you do not see the interior of the Chapel on this tour) before continuing down Officer's Row, through Alden Park and finally ending at the Historic Core, where you will explore the Building Ways, the Sail of the USS Vallejo submarine memorial, and Dry Dock 1.

Option 3 - 1 Hour 45 Minutes

The Chapel, Admiral’s Mansion, and Sail: $20

Extended walking tour: After a complete tour of the interior of St. Peter's Chapel (see description to the left), your Docent will lead you on an outdoor stroll (approximately 45-60 min) through Mare Island history, including stops at: The Admiral’s Mansion, Alden Park, and the Historic Core with the USS Vallejo Submarine Sail memorial, the Building Ways and Dry Dock 1. Along the way, learn about “Captain’s Row,” the lushness and incredible tree collection (and bunkers!) of Alden Park, the original Admin Building, the original Pipe Shop, the launching of the USS California, and more. The many stories of the Island will be brought to life!

Stop #1

St. Peter’s Chapel

A museum by itself, St. Peter Chapel, built in 1901, is known for its large collection of stunning Tiffany windows, vaulted ceilings with exposed beams, and historic plaques, you’ll find yourself in awe of the craftsmanship on display. Learn about Mare Island through the lense of the oldest Navy Chapel in the country.

Stop #2

The Admiral’s Mansion

Lay your eyes on the opulence of a mansion of the Victorian era that features an abundance of exquisite details. While we currently cannot take anyone inside the mansion during restoration, you will learn learn about the famous leaders who called this place home and their impact on American history.

Stop #3

Alden Park

Alden park is a beautiful, tree-filled park at the very center of the historic section of the Island. Learn about how Alden himself requested that the Captains returning to Mare Island bring back tree seedlings and saplings from all over the world to plant in this park. See the bunkers built immediately after Pearl Harbor to protect against what was seen as an imminent Japanese invasion. Sprinkled throughout the park are historic artifacts that will bring the Island history to life.

Stop #4

The Historic Core

The focal point of history on the waterfront itself, you can see the first dry docks built on the West Coast (completed after 19 years of work in 1891), the soaring cranes that built the ships and submarines that Mare Island is known for, and learn stories of the building and launching of those vessels from the “ways” with their intricate gantries that tower above you. It is here you’ll also find the Sail of the USS Vallejo.

Stop #5

The USS Vallejo Submarine Sail Memorial

From 1959 – 1967 the Navy commissioned 41 US Navy Fleet ballistic missile submarines under a new classification of boats known as the “SSBN” and nicknamed the “41 for Freedom.” 7 of these were built on Mare Island, including the USS Mariano G. Vallejo. In 2019 the Mare Island Historic Park Foundation hosted a celebration to commemorate the permanent installation of the sail memorial of the Mariano G. Vallejo SSBN 658 (MGV), returning the sail to the place of its original building and launching.

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